Why Does Marriage Require Continuous Adjustment?

Ask that question again.

“Why does marriage require continuous adjustment?”

Interesting question. Seems to be asking the obvious but it’s the obvious that bring the giants down…in most cases.

The way I see it, marriage requires continuous adjustment because the spouses are changing all the time.

And it is wise to keep that constant of change in mind.

First, it was just you.

Then you met her.

Both of you changed during that courtship time.

You do not stop changing.

Think about it.

You are thrilled with just being the two of you for a while. Then, if you are among the majority who are blessed with a child, you realize pretty quickly that a third dynamic has entered into your relationship. Your priorities need changing.

Then a second one comes long and a third. Your bodies change, your emotions change, you grow wiser (hopefully!).

So the woman I married over a decade ago is a significantly changed individual. I look in the mirror and I see change.  You have mid-life crisis, menopause, empty nest, grand children…

To answer the question: your marriage requires continuous adjustment because you are changing. The wiser you realize that and adjust, the better for you.