Noah The Movie...And Why I Don't Recommend It

I had been looking forward to watching this movie for quite a while. Among other reasons, was the fact that I just like Russel Crowe’s acting. He is top notch. He has made some really good movies in the past that I had watched. I think his performance in “A Beautiful Mind” was a masterpiece.

But I digress.

Out came Noah and I watched it…once.

And I am not sure I will watch it again.


Not after you watch movies like “Joseph” and “The Prince of Egypt” to mention a few. Take your time to read the reviews and you will see why. I am sure they have their own shortfalls but compared to Noah, they are far much better.

This director, Darren Aronofsky, had way too much liberties that do not make Biblical sense.

My expectation was that this movie is based on the Bible, so, as a Jesus Follower who loves theatre, I was keen to see, among other things, how accurate the movie was going to be to the Biblical text.

A big disappointment within the first minute…and not to mention the whole movie.

Turns out that there are a lot of things that are just not in the Ancient Text that just don’t add up.

Some of them were beautifully covered by this movie review so I will not go there.

I am just saying, if anyone is going to make a movie out of the Bible, I think it is only fair to stay as true to the text that has proven even more historically accurate than most texts of a similar nature.

Really…so for me, Noah get five thumbs down.

It was that bad…in my honest opinion.