How To Stop Worrying About Money: Some Helpful Steps

Allow me to share a few simple steps on how you can stop worrying about money. It's amazing how money gets people worried...and for a good reason; money is at the very core of our world today.

How To Stop Worrying - It's Worth It

I am amazed how people do not take time to learn how to stop worrying. Yes, stop, not reduce or manage, but stop worrying. In spite of all you may have heard from whoever
It is worth doing.

I should know, and it's all in the book I wrote for anyone who cares to deal with this. You can read the first chapter here.

What To Do With Your Seed That An Illiterate Old Woman Beat You To

Take a good look at the picture below

The illiterate lady in the picture is my grandmother, Gogo Mkweu (deceased). I loved her dearly. You are about to learn that literacy does not always equate to wisdom. This well of wisdom had a philosophy which, if you applied to your finances, your life would be different and yet, even though you have at least basic literacy, she still beat you to it!
My mother confirmed that she did not even have basic literacy in her 91 years she was on this planet but

The Best Way To Make Money...In My Honest Opinion you would love it!
So many people are searching for the best way to make money and I can understand why. If you have been in the search, you will be bombarded with so many courses, some good and some not so good, that parade themselves as the best and last make money online course you can buy.

Blood Diamonds Movie Review

It's one of those movies that walk you through a plethora of emotions you never you you had...unless you watched Hotel Rwanda or Cry Freedom. Blood Diamond is several stories mixed into one but basically explains what the blood diamonds are, who trades in them and the effects of the whole thing.

Noah The Movie...And Why I Don't Recommend It

I had been looking forward to watching this movie for quite a while. Among other reasons, was the fact that I just like Russel Crowe’s acting. He is top notch. He has made some really good movies in the past that I had watched. I think his performance in “A Beautiful Mind” was a masterpiece.

When The Status Shouldn't Be Quo.

It's amazing the things we accept as okay when we hear them long enough. As a result, we shortchange ourselves and live way below our capabilities.

A case in point;